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4 Benefits of Digital Dentistry

4 Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Traditional dental X-rays could be uncomfortable, to say the least. Biting down on film cards, holding steady, waiting for film development, and finally learning the results made for a long and stressful appointment. 

Dental impressions could be even worse, as you had trays full of alginate stuffed into your mouth to create reverse 3D molds of your teeth. That could feel claustrophobic as you held the trays in while waiting for the material to set and could trigger your gag reflex. 

The digital dentistry practiced at Nobel Dental in Los Angeles includes digital X-rays and the 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner for making digital impressions. Perhaps the biggest improvement is your patient experience emerging from the speed and comfort of these digital technologies, though there are four other benefits for you to enjoy as well. 

Benefit #1: Chemistry-free process results in images that are easy to store and share

Dental X-rays have long been part of your routine dental care. Traditional bite wing film cards were held between your teeth while the X-ray cannon was aligned. After exposure, the cards required development before they could be viewed to evaluate for cavities and other issues with your teeth. 

As well as the time and expense of processing conventional X-ray film, they require chemicals that can be harsh on the environment as well as potentially causing skin irritation. Digital X-rays require no chemical processing after exposure, simply a transfer to a computer and monitor. 

There’s no physical file cabinet needed for storing X-ray film, either, since digital images take up no physical space. When needed, your images can be shared with specialists quickly and as simply as you might transfer vacation photos to a friend. 

Benefit #2: Lower exposure means less radiation taking a toll on your body

X-ray radiation can, when excessive, lead to changes in your body that could become dangerous. Cumulative X-ray exposure may contribute to cancer or cause side effects like bleeding, fainting, hair loss, and vomiting. While both conventional and digital X-rays use radiation, levels are lower for the digital version of the technology. 

Benefit #3: Comfortable digital impressions can be created in seconds

Instead of a mouthful of molding substance that introduces inaccuracies because of the size of the trays needed to hold the molding material, digital intraoral scanners including the TRIOS intraoral scanner aren’t much different in size and shape than an electric toothbrush. 

Benefit #4: Precision 3D imaging of your mouth that’s easy to store and share

These scanners create a high-resolution 3D scan of your mouth, including teeth, gums, and jaws. Images are taken with your mouth in a normal position for the greatest accuracy. Once again, digital storage offers the ability to design treatment plans in CAD/CAM software with easy sharing if an offsite dental lab manufactures crowns, bridges, or other dental appliances. 

To experience the streamlined improvements to your dental care that digital technology offers, call or click to schedule your next appointment with Nobel Dental in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Regular dentist visits are crucial for your oral health, so book now. 

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