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How Veneers Can Give You a Smile Makeover

How Veneers Can Give You a Smile Makeover

Do you smile with your mouth closed because of problem teeth? If your teeth are a source of embarrassment, it’s time to consider veneers. Today’s modern cosmetic dentistry can provide a great solution in a short amount of time. You’ll walk away with a brand new smile that you love.  

Dr. Abraham Nobel provides beautiful dental veneers that cover cosmetic defects. Your smile makeover is complete in just two office visits. Following are the variety of tooth problems veneers can correct

Chipped teeth

Do you have a chipped tooth or teeth in a prominent position? You may have chipped your tooth when you bit into a piece of hard candy, or the chip may have happened during an accident. Whatever the cause, Dr. Nobel can restore the appearance of chipped teeth with veneers, so your smile continues to look healthy and beautiful. 

Cracked teeth

If your tooth is cracked, it’s not only a cosmetic problem; decay-causing bacteria can more easily reach the interior part of your tooth. Without treatment, the crack can increase your risk of decay and lead to tooth loss. Veneers strengthen your tooth’s structure by blocking bacteria and reducing the risk of further damage while restoring the healthy appearance of your tooth.

Discolored teeth

You may love coffee, tea, or soda, but over time, dark beverages can stain your teeth to the point that whitening treatments won’t work. Your teeth may have also been discolored by medication or from long-term smoking. When applied over a discolored tooth, a dental veneer instantly brightens and whitens your smile so it looks beautiful and healthy.

Gaps between teeth

You may have always been self-conscious about a gap between two teeth. Veneers can close that open space so your teeth form a beautiful, even row. 

Teeth that look too small

When you open your mouth, does too much of your gum show? Teeth that are too small for your mouth show more gum than “normal,” leading to what’s sometimes called a “gummy smile.” Because they can be custom-shaped for your mouth size and shape, veneers are an ideal solution for “right-sizing” your teeth and eliminating a gummy smile.

Crooked or twisted teeth

Does one of your teeth sit at an awkward angle in your mouth? If you have one or two teeth that are crooked or “out of line” with your other teeth, veneers can give you the cosmetic results of orthodontic treatment without the long, costly investment required by braces and aligners.

Worn or misshapen teeth

There’s no reason to have a worn or misshapen tooth with today’s dental techniques. With veneers, you can restore the important contours of healthy teeth, so your smile looks younger, healthier, and more attractive.

Veneer treatment

At your first veneer appointment, Dr. Nobel lightly sands the top of your tooth’s surface. When he places the new veneer on top of your tooth, the rough surface helps the dental adhesive adhere to the tooth. 

Dr. Nobel also makes an impression of your tooth to serve as a model for your new veneer. Then, he applies a temporary veneer to protect your tooth while you wait for the final one to be crafted at a dental lab.

During your second visit, the temporary veneer comes off, and Dr. Nobel places the permanent veneer on your tooth with a strong dental adhesive, shaping it for a perfect fit. Afterward, you care for your veneer just like your other teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups.

To find out how veneers can improve your smile, call Nobel Dentistry at 213-204-8382, or book an appointment online today. You’ll love your smile makeover.

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