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How Digital Dentistry Improves Your Dental Health

Simply stated, digital dentistry refers to any procedure or practice that makes use of computers to aid dentists as they perform their usual tasks. In some cases, computers make procedures more efficient, while in others they provide improvements to patient safety. 

Digital refinements can even help us detect oral health issues that were once difficult or impossible to discover in their early stages. 

Two of the most exciting innovations are already in daily use here at Nobel Dentistry in Los Angeles. Digital X-rays and intraoral scanning improve your safety while boosting the level of care you receive. 

These are just two of the reasons Dr. Abraham Nobel and our Nobel Dentistry team are digital dentistry specialists, making them your smart choice for the best in oral care. 

Digital radiography

If you’ve ever had the casing of a bitewing X-ray cut into the side of your mouth or gums, you’ll be relieved to know that the small sensor used for digital X-rays eliminates this problem. Also gone are film developing times as well as the delays involved when an image needs to be re-shot. 

Digital radiography is instant. Images appear on a computer monitor. We save them as digital files for easy storage and, if necessary, sharing with specialists. And digital X-rays can reduce your radiation exposure by up to 90% when compared with conventional dental X-ray films. 

These changes improve your comfort, reduce the duration of your dental appointment and lower your X-ray exposure below the already low levels of conventional dental techniques. 

Digital files relieve the need for banks of patient records, replacing these with databases. This makes life easier for our dental team’s administrative efforts, as they can easily save and retrieve your dental history. 

Intraoral scanning

Bitewing X-rays could be uncomfortable, but dental impression trays were downright claustrophobic. We need accurate impressions for a wide range of dental services, such as crowns, veneers, implants, and orthodontics. 

Conventional impressions use trays filled with a thick gel called alginate, which hardens after a few moments. But to assure sufficient material to properly form a mold of your teeth, the trays are quite large, filling your mouth uncomfortably and making it difficult to swallow saliva. 

Intraoral scanning does away with trays and physical impressions. Instead, a pen-like wand scans your teeth and mouth easily and comfortably. 

Nobel Dentistry uses the 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner system, which creates a three-dimensional view of your mouth in just a few seconds, with no alginate, no bulky trays, and no discomfort. 

What’s more, the digital scan is high-resolution and far more accurate than plaster casts made from the alginate impression. 

Contact us at Nobel Dentistry by phone or using the online booking tool to schedule your next visit. You too can experience the comfort and efficiency of digital dentistry, ensuring that you receive the best in oral care. Make your appointment today. Our practice is located in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles.

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